Dear School Administrator,

Deirdre’s House is proud to offer the opportunity for your students to participate in the Game of Life.

WHAT is the Game of Life? A unique way to familiarize students with the array of services offered in their own home community as well as those throughout Morris County.

HOW does it work in the school setting? Providers from across the County, including those from within the school’s home community set up tables, typically in the school’s gymnasium/library/common areas. Typically, schools have the students move through the game during their health or gym classes. Teachers are encouraged to move through the game to familiarize themselves with the resource tables as well. Deirdre’s House works with the providers around the scenario content requesting that

The Object of the game is to have students work on scenarios they are given by the providers that outline various challenges that adolescents face on a daily basis; challenges that school personnel are frequently helping them with. Scenarios should grab the attention of the students and help them navigate the game and find support for the scenario presented. The challenges used in previous games include those related, but not limited to family and peer issues, education, utilities, food instability, counseling, positive social outlets, transportation etc. The students have a “bingo” card of sorts listing all the providers in the room. When the student successfully completes their “bingo” card by visiting all the providers that helped them resolve their scenarios, they turn that into the facilitators for a prize.

Outcomes – Research shows that youth who feel they have options and are aware of where to go to get answers to their questions are more resilient, more engaged with peers and supportive adults, have a sense of competency and are more likely to reach out for help.

What are the next steps in bringing the Game of Life to my school? Contact David Johnston at Deirdre’s House to begin the process? (973) 631-5000.